Interview with Jacob Lund Fisker @extremejacob

English text below in italics.

Oggi nell’ultima puntata del podcast di incassaforte intervistiamo Jacob Lund Fisker, autore del blog e del libro Early Retirement Extreme.

L’intervista è in inglese.

I suoi suggerimenti sono The Restraint Of Beasts, un libro di Magnus Mills, e Three Body Problem, di Liu Cixin.

Vi ricordo che abbiamo anche un canale YouTube, ovviamente senza camera accesa perché siamo timidi.

Come sempre, potete scaricarlo ed iscrivervi su iTunes e Spotify, oppure sulla pagina di Podbean.

Today we have interviewed Jacob Lund Fisker, author of the early retirement extreme blog and book.

You can find the podcast on podbean, apple podcasts, Spotify and even on YouTube.

We do not talk personal finance or early retirement, but instead focus on things like sports, cooking, being a world citizen and watches.

The idea is to bring you “unknown Jacob”.

This channel is originally an Italian personal finance blog/podcast, so feel free to ignore all the other episodes 🙂

At the end, he recommends The Restraint Of Beasts, a book by Magnus Mills, and Three Body Problem, a huge book by Liu Cixin.


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